When to file a T2

As a tenant, you can file a T2 if the landlord illegally entered the unit, harassed or coerced you in any way or interfered in the reasonable enjoyment of rental unit.  You could file the form if the landlord did not give 72 hours after the sheriff has evicted you.

In any scenario, the landlord doesn’t have the right to enter your unit, or he can be charged with harassment. Prior permission is needed even if he is coming for inspection or giving you a letter.

When to file a T3

As a tenant, you can apply rent reduction if the landlord has reduced service or facility which you enjoyed while living in the unit. For example, if you used a stove for cooking and the landlord asks you to remove it for safety reasons of the house. You can file a T3 as a reduction of service has affected your enjoyment of the unit.

When to file a T5

This is an application can be registered if you have been moved out of the unit based on N12 (the landlord said he would need the unit for personal use) and N13 (Landlord wanted to demolish or repair the unit, but the landlord used it just as an excuse to end your tenancy.

You can also file this if you and the landlord failed to honor the written agreement which allowed you to move back once the repair and construction is completed.

When to file a T1

You have the right to file a T1 if the landlord increased the rent illegally that is or has withheld your rent deposit. For example, Usually, a tenant gives the last month of rent in the agreement as security. That deposit is to be treated as your last month’s rent, and the landlord doesn’t have the right to ask for the last month rent in addition to the deposit.