What is an N4?

Form N4 can be issued to the tenant for nonpayment of rent.

The termination date for the tenancy is 14 days after you issued the N4 if the tenant pays bi-weekly or monthly and seven days if the tenant pays the rent on a weekly or daily basis.


How do you send a notice?

As a Landlord, you can use multiple ways to give the notice by handing directly to the tenant, by mail and courier. It’s important to note that notice by posting on the door of the tenant will not be valid.

Also at no time should the landlord enter the unit of the tenant to give the notice. He must give a 24-hour notice to the tenant before entering the unit.

What to do if the tenant refuses to pay the rent?

Eviction –L1

If you still haven’t received the rent, you may file an L1 form which is an application to evict a tenant for nonpayment of rent and to collect the rent the tenant owes you.

What is N7?

If you live in the same unit and it has three or fewer tenants in the building you can file an N7 can be issued to end the tenancy. This notice can be given if the tenant or his guest damages the rental unit or the number of people living residential complex can be a health and safety hazard.

Eviction - L2

If the tenant doesn’t correct the problem within seven days of giving the notice, you may file an Application to End a Tenancy and Evict a Tenant (Form L2) to the Landlord tenant board.

What is N12 Notice?

Immediate family wants to move into the rental unit?

In the event, there is a member of the family who wants to move to the rental unit for at least a year you may give an N12 notice to the tenant. Additionally, N12 can be filed if you plan to sell the unit. Or the buyer or his family wants to move in the unit.

Compensating your tenant

If the Landlord wishes to give this notice for personal use or family’s use, then he must also compensate the tenant in the amount he receives as a monthly payment. The landlord may also transfer the tenant to another one of his units if the tenant agrees to that.

[NOTE: The Landlord must know that if he uses this notice to evict a tenant based on this notice and then doesn’t occupy the rental space, there could be legal issues. The tenant could apply saying that the Landlord gave notice in bad faith and may be ordered to pay the tenant all the expenses he incurred while moving including expenses the tenant will incur. There may be additional costs the board may apply.]

What is N13 Notice?

Demolishing the rental unit or complex

If you want to demolish the rental unit, you may give the tenant an N13 notice. The landlord should know the tenant may choose to continue living in the residential place after the repair of What is the Agreement to continue staying in the unit after construction is complete?

If demolishing or converting the rental unit, the tenant must be compensated in the amount of three months’ worth of rent or he may be offered another residential unit you may own. Alternatively, if you are repairing the unit, you may compensate the tenant for the duration the repair will take place whichever is less.